• EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE: The 101 is now being taught at T. SCHREIBER STUDIO in NYC 

  • I BOOKED a commercial 2 days after the class ended. 101 was the sole reason I booked that commercial.
    -Shuo Z. 
  • I would highly recommend this class to new & highly experienced actors. Right after class, I booked my first NYC commercial.
    -Meghan M.

  • Bill just added a commercial class in SEPT. Look at the CLASSES page to well, find classes 

  • Are you ready for a commercial self tape? Email info@theworkingactorsolution.com for private coaching rates. 

  • Not in NYC? Take a look at The SKYPE ROCKET program. You can learn the full 101 ONLINE and get coached by Bill! 

  • Despite 10 years of booking commercials and 1000 auditions, I learned a TON of stuff. And I BOOKED three new spots because of this class!
    -Kevin G. 



The 101 Skype Rocket

Always wanted to do commercials but don’t even know where to start? Can’t make it to NYC or LA? Are you in NYC or LA and can’t make it into class?

Can you imagine walking into the audition with the knowledge of someone who has booked 50 national commercials? What if you had that power of understanding BEFORE your first audition? What if you KNEW there was nothing that could get in your way of booking your first NATIONAL commercial? Getting that call for your first audition and knowing EXACTLY what to do and how to do it? How many commercials can you book this year with that knowledge? One? Five? Ten?  How many tens of thousands of dollars are you prepared to make this year?

Now this knowledge can be in your bones in four sessions with the “Yoda of Commercial Acting.” This class has only been offered in major markets like NYC and LA, but now with the 101 Skype Rocket you can attack your first audition like a seasoned veteran.

The Skype Rocket propels your ability into a professional realm with four short but info packed working sessions, and students have booked DAYS after taking the class. You will learn the full 101 things you need to know before your next audition, as well as receive a proven technique to help find you an agent or manager. Also, after your four sessions you will receive professional coaching and guidance from Bill for the next year of your career, ensuring a blast off to your new and exciting profession.

The Skype Rocket is $699 for four 60 minute sessions. To pay go to the PAY HERE page on the website. Once payment is made, Bill will reach out to schedule the 15 minute introduction phone call that will fill you in with all the details, find out how to best craft your learning experience and to schedule your first session.

Dirk (Portland): “Where do I begin?  Let me simply say that Commercial Acting 101 and 102 were two of the most amazing classes I've ever taken. Thank you, Bill!  I'm kind of an old bird, but new to this acting thing. Thanks to Bill's class--and his never-wavering support and enthusiasm--I'm so much farther along than I was just a week ago.  Don't think twice about whether or not you should take his class...just do it!  It will transform your abilities and career in ways you can't imagine. Plus...it's great fun!  Working as a career cop (now retired), I learned to "read" people pretty well.  Bill is one of those exemplary individuals you rarely have the opportunity to meet and learn from.