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  • I BOOKED a commercial 2 days after the class ended. 101 was the sole reason I booked that commercial.
    -Shuo Z. 
  • I would highly recommend this class to new & highly experienced actors. Right after class, I booked my first NYC commercial.
    -Meghan M.

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  • Despite 10 years of booking commercials and 1000 auditions, I learned a TON of stuff. And I BOOKED three new spots because of this class!
    -Kevin G. 



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1. What was the spot for and who cast it?

KFC, cast by HOUSE.

2. What 101 tools did you use in the audition?

I always use the "be of service"mantra, that helps me so much. This spot had almost no dialogue, so it was mostly about figuring out the 'message' of the spot and how my character fit into that.

3. What 101 tools did you use in the callback?

I went in hoping to be of service to the director and creative team, as well as my other "teammates" --that's what I call the other actors in my scene. I repeated back the director's direction--"so, more like this? " and then I'd demonstrate for him what I thought he meant. I paid attention to my resting face when recieving the direction so I didn't look like an ax murderer (I have that problem sometimes:)

4. What 101 tools did you use on set?

This was a unique spot--celebrity spokesperson, a lot of improv, very few actual lines. Again, being of service, being super responsive to the Director's requests while still being creative on my own, and having impeccable on-set manners (being quiet and composed, allowing the celeb to be the star, waiting pleasantly on set while they worked stuff out) kept me feeling top-of-my-game.

5. What's one thing you would keep, and one thing you'd leave behind?

I'd keep the feeling of ease I brought in with me to the callback, and I'd leave behind some of the pressure I felt to impress everyone. Just not necessary and always has the opposite effect.