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    -Shuo Z. 
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    -Meghan M.

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1. What was the job for and who cast it?
Amazon Kindle Fire, alan kaminsky & josh rappaport

2. What was the audition like and what 101 tools did you get to use?
The audition was copy heavy (given at the audition) They werent too concerned with getting the copy right. They were more interested in the relationship between the 2 characters so, the ability to relate and be personable to camera. There was a lot of fear and nerves in the waiting room so when I went in, I used the slate to show I was there to serve and didn't match the energy of the other actors, my first line of copy was actually "how can I help?". I listened to the casting assistant when he said don't worry about the copy, we just want to get the general friendly feeling across so I got out of my head and did what he asked. I had 3 tags prepared and got to use one.

3. What was the callback like and what 101 tools did you get to use?
They called back 6 girls for my role. The callback room was full of fear and busy with people typing on laptops and working. Lots of important people wanting to have their say and they were running late. I was partnered up with a guy so we practiced before we went in. He had been partnered with some other girls and he pointed out how none of the others had tags prepared. I shared mine with him so we could play off each other in the room and create that "relationship" I knew the clients wanted. I used the "​YouTurn" and instantly felt the director relax, and I knew he was grateful. I got to use 3 tags I had prepared which showed I understood the product and the role.

4. What was the set like and what 101 tools did you get to use?
The set was extremely busy and very security conscious as the product was advertising a new feature. I made sure I remembered everyone's name who I met and the name of the girl who brought me my first water (Kelly) Throughout the course of the day I found one of the men from the advertising agency who always smiled at me and remembered his name so that I could email him later to get the copy of the spot. I bonded with the 2nd AD who was doing all the running around and I tried to make his job easier whenever I could. I listened to the direction the director was giving. It was a stressful shoot as they were filming 5 spots in 3 days and because the client was high profile and not entirely sure what specifically they wanted, we shot a multitude of options and deviated from the prepared copy.

5. What's one thing you would keep, and one thing you would leave behind during the process?
I would keep the fact that I was prepared with Tags ( I feel this was instrumental in showing the ad agency that I got their concept and it also gave me confidence) I would leave behind the fact I got a little stressed on set when the director gave me line readings. Every director has their own way of directing and instead of taking it personally (that I wasn't doing it correctly) I should have realized it was just his way.