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  • I BOOKED a commercial 2 days after the class ended. 101 was the sole reason I booked that commercial.
    -Shuo Z. 
  • I would highly recommend this class to new & highly experienced actors. Right after class, I booked my first NYC commercial.
    -Meghan M.

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  • Despite 10 years of booking commercials and 1000 auditions, I learned a TON of stuff. And I BOOKED three new spots because of this class!
    -Kevin G. 



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(By the way, Lindsay has booked FOUR national commercials after class, so I included another spot for you to view!)-bill

1. What was the spot for and who cast it?

Nationwide (national) and Cathy Carlton Casting at Ocean Park Casting

2. What 101 tools did you use in your audition? 
I breathed and was present the whole time. Even when I was signing my name clearly. I asked the casting assistant her name, I was friendly to her and to the other actors in the waiting area.  For my slate I asked "how can I help?"- and maintained that attitude the whole time. There were two other actors in the room with me. I was friendly towards them and I took notice of how this instantly put them at ease, which helped me too!  The audition itself was all improv. We were in an office so I put a few fixed items to be my surroundings and ground me and then I just talked and listened to the other two actors.
3. What 101 tools did you use in your callback?
During the callback I used all the same techniques as I did in the audition. In the callback, we got a re-direct. I was with 2 other actors, and I used the 'youturn' for all of us. The redirect was 'can you make the attitude a little less friendly and happy and a little more serious, just for variation" so I said an improved line while referencing the  laptop we were given as a prop. Director said "exactly". We did it again in the same tone- and director was happy with the shift.
4. What 101 tools did you use on set?
On set I woke up and read the 101 sheet - saw "different day, same service". I went in with that attitude, I just took it moment by moment. At the fitting the day before my costume was on the rack for the Nationwide workers instead of the business people. Which showed me I was actually cast in a different role than I'd auditioned for (there are multiple spots in this campaign). I just went with the flow and was excited! On set, I just took my time and remained helpful and did my job. I made sure to get everyones name. During our shoot, the AD told us that they really didn't know what they wanted. So we just did some different things and then the director redirected us a bunch of times. I used my youturns. Director was happy with the last take. I thanked everyone, ate a taco with the cast and crew, and went home.
5. What's one thing you would keep and one thing you would leave behind?
I would keep my mindfulness and the way I was trying to stay conscious of my breathing, my thoughts, and my attitude. I would leave behind the negative thought I had the first time the director started giving us notes. I tensed up for a moment and had the thought "I'm doing a bad job". But being mindful, I took a breath, and tried to get that out of there and come back to service. 
The 101 helped me through every stage of this process from start to finish and I can't wait to use the tools again next time.