• EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE: The 101 is now being taught at T. SCHREIBER STUDIO in NYC 

  • I BOOKED a commercial 2 days after the class ended. 101 was the sole reason I booked that commercial.
    -Shuo Z. 
  • I would highly recommend this class to new & highly experienced actors. Right after class, I booked my first NYC commercial.
    -Meghan M.

  • Bill just added a commercial class in APRIL. Look at the SIGN UP page to well, sign up. 

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  • Not in NYC? Take a look at The SKYPE ROCKET program. You can learn the full 101 ONLINE and get coached by Bill! 

  • Despite 10 years of booking commercials and 1000 auditions, I learned a TON of stuff. And I BOOKED three new spots because of this class!
    -Kevin G. 

  • Bill is teaching a private commercial class! Look at the SIGN UP for dates! 





Level One is where it all begins. It is a shotgun blast of information, literally one hundred and one things you need to know before your next audition. Students will learn the 101 philosophy of service and how it defeats fear in the audition room, both ours and theirs. You will learn a revolutionary exercise to re-conceptualize your slate and actor thinking., helping you to book a spot in the first two seconds of the audition. The class will also teach a proven copy-breakdown technique, a direct pitch technique so you can book that national campaign, and the one thing you need to do in the callback to book the job. It is designed for the actor who knows nothing about commercial acting and the actor who believes they know everything about commercial acting. Over and over again, students book DAYS after taking the class. All of the copy is current, and all of the work is Zoom on-camera. Also, please note there is a 78 hour cancellation policy with all classes. 


Level Two is all about muscle memory. Armed with the 101, you begin to put it to work with more recent copy, and more time in front of the camera. Level Two pin points how to recognize what’s needed in each spot and how to use that information to book. You'll also get the opportunity learn a quick but powerful meditation to clear your mind of fear and set a clear intention for the audition.  All Level Two students must have completed the Level One.


Level Three is used to test the knowledge. This class is run like a real time Zoom audition from sign in to director feedback. You experience the full audition scenario, with auditing actors playing directors, assistants, and casting directors.  It’s a real time experience with in-depth, on-camera review of the work. This class turns you into a technique master, honing the skills learned in the previous levels and fine-tuning your “in the room” skills, so you are in complete and total control of your auditions.